Virtual test drives: Digi Cars changes the car sales game Sandton-based dealership Digi Cars launches Livestore– a groundbreaking virtual test drive experience New omnichannel approach streamlines car buying processes for all customer types Automotive retail landscape is changing and dealers need to adapt Though recent circumstances have given rise to online sales platforms, a digital […]

Whilst most of us are familiar with instalment financing and cash purchases of vehicles, there are numerous other ways in which you can get assistance to finance your vehicle. 3 Types of Financing Options: Cash purchase of the premium vehicle you desire:This is probably the best way to buy a vehicle because there are no […]

Mercedes-Benz is a well-known luxury vehicle across the globe. The Mercedes falls into a certain class of cars and is classified as premium because of its design, capabilities, and quality. Because Mercedes is such a luxury vehicle it can be expensive to buy a brand-new Mercedes if you are looking to buy a car. Mercedes […]

Premium Second-Hand cars are much more sought after than ever before and will continue to increase in popularity because of the benefits that it entails. These benefits include value depreciation which is often considerably slower when it comes to second-hand cars than the value depreciation of a brand-new vehicle which can be a valuable long-term […]

The truth is that it is safe to buy a car online with the right dealership, but it can just as easily be unsafe when buying a car online at an unsafe or untrustworthy dealership. That is exactly why it is so cardinal to ensure that the online dealership is reputable if you want to […]

Sandton: 5 Tips on how to choose a car dealer This is a common question because of the number of car dealers across the country. You might not know where to begin when it comes to choosing the best car dealers for your vehicle requirements. A lot of car dealers have various collections of vehicles […]

While the internet was created to be vastly helpful and convenient, it’s sad that criminals are using it to create difficulties in the lives of many. Fraudsters are constantly devising new tactics to target consumers in attempts to get your money. When shopping for a car, you need to be alert online and protect yourself. […]

The truth is that even when you buy a 2nd hand car, it will still be a new car to you, a change of car, change.

It is becoming more and more popular nowadays to buy a car 2nd hand instead of buying a brand-new car for a lot of benefits related to used vehicles. Benefits of buying 2nd hand cars: The value of these vehicles will remain high for a longer timeframe than a newer car just bought because most […]

As the brand-new calendar goes up on the wall, a lot of resolutions and goals are made. We look forward to some exciting 2022 releases since a lot of announcements have been made from manufacturers, and our team has come up with the cars that rev their engines! “Lexus of late has been really appealing […]

Need to Sell Your Car Before Emigrating? For many of us living in South Africa, the idea of selling everything and leaving to start over in a new country is a very welcomed thought, while even romantic to some. But when you begin the process, there’ll come a day you’ll find yourself standing in the […]